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Challenger Imports CIL 2362.1 Southern Pacific AC-11 Cab Forward
Road# 4268, Factory Painted. Price: USD$ 2,550.00
Norbrass CP 1800 "English Electric" Diesel Locomotive
P Orange Livery Price: USD$ 1,850.00
Micro-Metakit 02804H German DRG BR 97.402 Rack Steam Locomotive
WWII Camouflage Livery Price: USD$ 3,450.00
More models are coming soon!

New Micro-Metakit, Lematec, Fulgurex, and NMJ models will be listed soon.
Good models will not stay for long, get yours today!

Posted: 01/15/15

031-130 Pehan Chinese Steam Engine by Eisenbahn
Canada arrived!

More information will be posted soon. Since this brand sells models to
selected clients only so we only have one for each version!

More information is on the website

Posted: 01/15/15
Latest Update:  Jan./20/2015
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2010 Nuernberg International Toy Fair.
Micro-Feinmechanik 05711HL Austrian BBO Rh 429.54 Steam Engine
10 Year Republic Anniversary. Price: USD$ 2,650.00
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