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Tenshodo Crown Japan JNR C62 25 Steam Engine
Imperial Trip Locomotive. Price: USD$ 3,250.00
Fulgurex 2261/1 Swiss BLS Ae 8/8 no. 271 MUNI Electric Engine
Price: USD$ 2,250.00
Micro-Feinmechanik 04612HL DRG BR T38 3255 Steam Locomotive
WWII Propaganda Livery Price: USD$ 2,850.00
New models arrived.

New items from PSC (Milwaukee and Frisco engines) are arrived and have
been sold really fast. Also many prestige European and Japanese models
just came in.

Posted: 05/07/15

Our new website will be launched in just two weeks.

While we are ready to celebrate Brass Department 10-Year Anniversary, a
brand new, freshly designed website will replace this old website in two
weeks. Now is the show time for us, the finest railroad collection boutique in
the world.

Posted: 05/07/15
Latest Update:  May/07/2015
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2010 Nuernberg International Toy Fair.
Brassline French PO 5420 ex 141TA Tank Steam Engine
Museum Melhouse Version. Price: USD$ 1,750.00
Pictures for new items/projects from Toy Fair