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Lematec HO-211/2 SBB CFF Be 6/8 II 12354 Electric Locomotive
Green Scheme, Luzern Transportation Museum Version. Price: USD$ 1,850.00
Micro-Metakit 04202H German DRG BR 97 503 Steam Locomotive
Price: USD$ 2,450.00
Precision Scale PSC 18508.1 C&O L-1 4-6-4 Streamlined Steam Locomotive
ellow Boiler, Last Release Version Price: USD$ 1,950.00
New American Collections Arrived

Some world-class collections are just arrived. Those collections including
SC, Division Point, and OMI. Those extremely rare models will not stay
there for long.

Posted: 09/2

Lemated HO-Scale Crocodile and Fulgurex TAR Trains
are arrived.

Both deliveries are arrived this week and start to deliver to pre-order
customers. Only a few pieces left for sales. Hurry up!

Posted: 0
Latest Update:  09/29/2014
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2010 Nuernberg International Toy Fair.
Micro-Metakit 95300H K.Bay.Sts.B. Gattung BX Steam Engine
Blue Scheme. Price: USD$ 1,850.00
Pictures for new items/projects from Toy Fair