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Norbrass Portugal CP Alco 1520 Diesel Engine
Extremely rare! Ep.V Orange Scheme USD$ 1,450.00
Overland OMI AZ-2010 UP Boy Scouts of America #2010 C45ACCTE Engine
nly 15 pieces, With BSA Laser Label on box! Ultra Rare! Only $2,250.00
MICRO METAKIT 11404H DRG H17 206 Steam Engine
1929 Propaganda Ver. Train-Hobby Exclusive!  ONLY $2,850.00
Train-Hobby Special H17 Steam Engine is here!!

Micro-Metakit produced 10 pieces of H17 1929 propaganda engine
(11404H) and only one left now! This is a lifetime chance! You lose this one,
you lose it for ever!!

Posted: 06/26/14

New Arrivals!

We received a large collection including European and American
prototypes. Get your dream model before too late!!

Posted: 06/26/14
Latest Update:  Jul./19/2014
CLICK HERE for report/news from
2010 Nuernberg International Toy Fair.
Micro-Metakit 02206H German DRG BR 01 013 Steam Engine
WWII Camouflage Version. RARE! $2,995.00
Pictures for new items/projects from Toy Fair