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Philotrain Dutch NS 4003 Steam Engine
Very hard to find. Price: USD$ 1,650.00
Lemaco HO-074 Swiss BLS Be 5/7 151 Electric Locomotive
Museum Locomotive. Price: USD$ 1750.00
Micro-Feinmechanik 95707HL Austrian Class 192.303 Rack Steam Locomotive
Absolutely amazing, Price: USD$ 2,450.00
New Collections Arrived

Some world-class collection are just arrived. We invite you to browse our
lists to pick-up your new collection. Those extremely rare models will not
stay there for long.

Posted: 08/14/14

We are the only Japanese prototypes distributor
outside Japan.

We are offering the finest Japanese models, including Tenshodo, IMON,
Musashino, and Pinocchio, exclusively outside Japan. We offer the only best
collection for our high-end clients. The best railroad collection boutique in
the world, no one can compare with us.

Posted: 08/14/14
Latest Update:  Aug./29/2014
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2010 Nuernberg International Toy Fair.
Micro-Metakit 06308H French SNCF 241A 5 Steam Engine
10 Pieces Worldwide Limited Edition. Price: USD$ 3,950.00
Pictures for new items/projects from Toy Fair