Train-Hobby Brass Department was founded 2005. Not only a platform for exchanging information about and
showcasing brass models, it's also an online store for brass models shopping.

We guarantee to provide top-quality handmade brass railroad models to collectors. We offer a selection of
extremely rare brass collections every day. We accept pre-orders for rare and limited new brass productions
released by Micro-Metakit, Lematec, Fulgurex, NMJ, Top-Train, OMI and Precision Scale Co., PSC.

Our "Gallery of Brass" is an online museum of brass models. We display many extremely rare brass models from
our collection for reference purposes. The models on the page are from our private collection, and are not for sale.

We also sell models from other collectors on commission. If you have some interesting brass models that you would
like to sell, please contact us by email and provide details. We would be delighted to work with you.

Your business and support is greatly appreciated.

rain-Hobby Team
Micro-Metakit DRG H02 1001 Photo-gray
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We were presented the eBay Outstanding PowerSeller Award in 2009. This
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