You will find a large amount of EXCLUSIVE pictures about the newest
brass models and simples from 2010 Toy Fair Hall 4A. We just started
publishing news today and will update this page every day to include
more brass news. Today is dedicated to Micro-Metakit GmbH. All
pictures are displayed under permission.

Speical Thanks to: Micro-Metakit GmbH, Fulgurex SA, NMJ AS, Brassline.
Picture 1(Right):

Micro-Metakit BR 03 steam
engine and their new
production: Mallet-Locomotive
BR 51.

The Gray BR 03 streamline
version has amazing details
and stunning painting work. It
has dark gray wheels with some
white lines. It is a good choice
for Micro collector. Our price for
this model is USD$2450.-
Picture 2(Below):

The next model is expected to be released next month from Micro-Metakit. It is an unique small steam engine: ML
Even though its size is not as big as a normal steam locomotive, it has remarkably high detailing. The yellow and
oliver green DRG version is coming soon!
Picture 3(Below):

08303H DRG 98.363 1924 ex ML 2/2
Picture 4(Left):

new item for
2011: MCCI/
ET87. They
decided to add
two more
electric versions
on their original
plan that only
has three steam
versions. The
model pictured
is a steam
Picture 5(Below):

T0, it will be a must-have Micro-Metakit item for every brass collector! This famous small tender steam has remarkable detailing
and we can say that it is the finest HO-scale T0 model around the world. The Micro-Metakit plan to deliver this project in June
2010. Our expecting selling price for this model is $1350. The final sale price is subject to change without notice.
Picture 6(Below):

The Micro-Metakit is going to deliver their RH 170 project after ML 2/2 in April 2010. Lemaco has produced the same
model many years ago. Why would I say that this model is still a must-have for every K.K.Sts.B collector? It's because
this Micro edition model has tremendous improvement in details and painting work. We ordered the K.K.Sts.B version
and we accept pre-orders for this model at a price of USD$1995.
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Picture 7(Below):

The photo of Rh 170 BBOe Green Lines version.
Picture 8(Below):

The Micro-Metakit will come out with a very interesting version of Rh 170 project soon. I believe this Poland PKP
version will be very popular in the coming future. This version also carry many special details that the original
Austrian version did not have.
Picture 9(Below):

Another unique and interesting version of Rh 170 is German Oliver green Gattung IX V No.1281 K.S.St.E.B. version
Picture 10(Below):

The BR 07 1001 DR-Ost Kohlenstaublokomotive is highlighted project from the Micro-Metakit. This model is a
must-have item for Micro collectors who already have BR 08 1001 engine. However, if you miss BR 08, this will
be a perfect chance for you to own this highly detailed unique East-Germany locomotive.

The details of
BR 07.1001

The interior
details are
Picture 12(Below):

The Micro-Metakit is going to produce another version of BR 03 half-streamline version.
The model pictured is Black/Red half-streamline version. This model will not be delivered
in near future.
Picture 13(Below):

This Austrian rack-locomotive Rh 169 is the Micro-Metakit TOP-NEW PRODUCTION for 2010 Toy Fair. It is a
similar model to Rh 69 that Micro-Metakit produced back in 2008. This new Rh 169 has a large amount of
detailing compared to other Micro rack locomotives. Up to this point, Micro-Metakit will not deliver it before 2012.
Picture 14(Left):

detail of Rh
169(Under the
Picture 15(Below):

Another Austrian steam locomotive(Rh 80) that will come out in future from Micro-Metakit.
Picture 16(Below):

Gattung IX b - BR 97.2 will be the first Micro-Metakit Baden state railroad rack steam locomotive. It is a must-have engine for
Micro-metakit fans, especially for the rack collection line. Micro-Metakit plans to deliver it in March 2011 with three Bad. and
two DRG versions.
Picture 17(Below):

After Micro-Metakit delivered many remarkable Bay. locomotives such as S2/6, S3/6 and S3/5, this
K.Bay.Sts.B S 2/5 will be a great choice for Micro collectors. Micro-Metakit will deliver both Bay and DRG
versions soon.
Picture 18(Below):

There are some great news for German steam engine fans! Micro-Metakit finally has a plan for BR 44
001-010 series engine. It is the first HO-scale brass BR 44 original edition model. Even though Micro
delivered BR 43 and BR 44 011&012 test engines and Lemaco delivered BR 44 Modified version before,
this one is the first REAL BR 44.