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In this year, Fulgurex has many interesting new brass projects for future
delivery. The BDZ BR 01.22 'TABAKLOK' will be a great collection. Fulgurex
plan to deliver three versions that will include the original delivery version and
two BDZ versions. The new models featuring French engines from Fulgures are
SNCF 2-D-2 electric locomotive and SNCF 030 TU Tender steam locomotive.

The model that is coming out next is SCB/SBB Ec 2/5 Tender steam locomotive.
This project includes two SBB versions and four SCB versions. We expect to
receive this model next month.

The Fulgurex also includes a famous SBB electric locomotive Ae 6/6 and Italian
FS Gr.851 tender steam engine in their 2010/11 catalogue. You will find
exclusive photos below for their newest production simples that were presented
in Toy Fair 2010.
Picture 1 (above):

The next model for Fulgurex: SCB Ec 2/5 Zuerich steam engine. This stunning small engine has
remarkable details and painting work. Considering its history background and the model's quality, it
will be a must-have collection for every brass collector.

Picture 2(Below):

It is another version of Ec 2/5 (Lausanne). We expect to receive it next month. The tentative selling
price will be USD$ 1680,-
Picture 3(Below):

Genf(Museum version) and two other black SBB versions.
Picture 4(Below):

Fulgurex SCB and SBB Ec 2/5 have remarkable cab detailing!
Picture 5(Below):

Fulgurex HO-Scale SBB Be 4/6(Fb 2x2/3) electric locomotive is not a new production but it is a great
model for SBB collectors. Taking the chance to own this model now! You can pre-order for this model
at a price $1680.-
Picture 6(Below):

Fulfurex 2010 highlylight production: EST 141, SNCF 141 TB tender steam locomotive. This steam
engine has many outstanding details such as functional cab doors and boiler door. We expect to
receive this project from Fulgurex in 2010.
Picture 7(Below):

The unpainted simple of SNCF version 141TB 477 from Fulgurex. Item No.:2236/4
Picture 8(Below):

The craft of 141 TB is remarkable. Not only functional boiler door and cab doors, but it also entails
boiler interior detail.
Picture 9(Below):

Fulgurex delivered NORD 141 TC a few years ago. That is a great master piece! From their new
production plan, I found N-Scale 141 TC. Wow! This small N-scale model has a large amount of
amazing details. It has as many as a HO 141 TC. The functional boiler door is a highlight of this
collection. We will import this model upon clients' pre-order.
Picture 10(Below):

The picture of Fulgurex N-Scale NORD version 141 TC.
Picture 11(Below):

This world-class model is Fulgurex O-Scale SBB CL 2/4 201. This model has many interesting
details and functions. At the same time, the outer and interior details have outstanding quality.