Micro-Metakit 11801HA
French AL NO. 983 Steam Locomotive
Black Scheme, 10 pieces Limited Edition

USD$ 2000.00
Micro-Metakit 08806H
Hungarian MAV Vlm 4501 Mallet Steam Locomotive
Black Livery

USD$ 2295.00
Eisen Art
German DRB BR 03 161 Steam Locomotive
WWII Propaganda Livery, Specially made one piece for us.

Micro-Metakit 00702H
Austrian K.K.St.B. Rh 108.02 Steam Locomotive
With Type 86 Tender and Red Lamp Covers

USD$ 1850.00
German DRB BR 17 523 Steam Locomotive
WWII Propaganda Livery

USD$ 1650.00
German DRG BR 18 408 Steam Locomotive
WWII Propaganda Livery

USD$ 1850.00
Micro-Metakit 03405H
German DR-Ost BR 03 1087 Steam Locomotive
Erwin Kramer, Oil Burner

USD$ 2650.00
Micro-Metakit /Brawa Exclusive Edition
German K.Bay.Sts.B. PtL 2/2 Glassbox Steam Locomotive
Original Green LIvery

USD$ 850.00
Micro-Metakit 11400H
German DRG H 17 206 Steam Locomotive
Photo Gray

USD$ 1650.00
Micro-Metakit 06405H
German DRG E06 01 Electric Locomotive
WWII Camouflage Scheme

USD$ 1650.00
Micro-Metakit 05900H
Italian FS Gr. 470 4701 Steam Locomotive
Original Prototype Version

USD$ 1650.00
Micro-Metakit 03400H
German DB BR 03 1014 Steam Locomotive
Blue Boiler

USD$ 1950.00
Micro-Metakit 13701H
Austrian K.K.St.B. Rh 229.142 Steam Locomotive
Royal Engine

USD$ 1500.00
German DRG BR 05 003 Cab Forward Steam Locomotive
WWII Army Gray Version

Micro-Metakit 08100H
German K.Bay.Sts.B. P4 Atlantic Steam Locomotive
Von Ulmer Livery

USD$ 1450.00
Micro-Metakit 12701H
Austrian K.K.St.B. Reihe 80 Steam Locomotive
1909 Configuration, Black/Yellow lines

USD$ 1650.00
Micro-Metakit 02963H
Italian FS E 626 184 Electric Locomotive
Brown/Dark Brown Scheme

USD$ 1650.00
Micro-Metakit 03403H
German DB BR 03 1054 Steam Locomotive
Black/Silver rings, with air tank.

USD$ 1500.00
German K.Bay.Sts.B. DXII Steam Locomotive
WWI Camouflage Livery with Special Lettering

USD$ 1850.00
Micro-Metakit 96200H
German DRG BR 02 003 Steam Locomotive
Olive Green/Brown Early DRG Scheme

USD$ 1695.00
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