Lematec HO-208/2
German DRG BR 18 327 Steam Locomotive
Black/Red Livery, RHEINGOLD

USD$ 2200.00
Lematec HO-067/3
Franch SNCF 141F 16 Mikado Steam Locomotive
Green Livery with Black Smoke Deflectors

USD$ 1850.00
Lematec HO-110
French SNCF 060 DB-1 Diesel Locomotive
Museum Version

USD$ 1500.00
Lematec HO-208/3
German DB BR 18 323 Steam Locomotive
Museum Engine

USD$ 2250.00
Lematec HO-212/5
French SNCF 242TA 117 Steam Locomotive
SNCF Green Livery

Lematec HO-217/4
French SNCF 2CC2 3402 Electric Locomotive
Green Livery

Lematec HO-129/3A
French SNCF BB 8115 Electric Locomotive
Modern Gray/Orange livery with snow plow.

USD$ 1650.00
Lematec HO-210/3
Swiss SBB CFF Bm 4/4 18424 Diesel Locomotive
Ep.V Red Scheme
Only 30 pieces had been produced!

USD$ 850.00
Lematec HO-204/2A
Italian FS E 550.016 Electric Locomotive
Broan/Dark brown Scheme, special edition.

USD$ 1650.00
Lematec HO-066/3
French SNCF 141F 16 Steam Locomotive
Green Livery with Black Smoke Deflectors

USD$ 1850.00
Lematec HO-207/15
French SNCF CC 6552 Electric Locomotive
Gris beton

USD$ 1450.00
Lematec HO-207/7
French SNCF CC 6548 Electric Locomotive
Modern Green Scheme

USD$ 1450.00
Lematec HO-211/2
Swiss SBB CFF Be 6/8 II 13254 Electric Locomotive
Green Scheme, Museum Engine at Luzern Transportation Museum

USD$ 1650.00
Lematec HO-211/1
Swiss SBB CFF Ce 6/8 II 14253 Electric Locomotive
Brown Scheme, History Locomotive

USD$ 1650.00
USD$ 950.00
Lematec HOm-201/8
Swiss TPF Be 4/4 151 + Bt 251 Set
La Gruyere Livery

USD$ 2350.00
Lematec HO-208/4
German Baden IVh 95 Steam Locomotive
Photo Gray Livery

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